They indict a former lawyer for Hillary Clinton for lying to the FBI in the framework of the investigation into the Russian plot


Michael Sussmann, a former lawyer for former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has been charged with allegedly lying to the Federal Police (FBI) in the context of the investigation into the origins of the investigation into the relationship between Russia and the electoral campaign of the Former President Donald Trump.

As the CNN television network has indicated, Sussmann would have given false testimony to the FBI in September 2016, when he met with James Baker, a senior official of the agency.

The facts have come to light now that John Durham is at the forefront of the investigation. This is the second indictment brought by Durhan since former attorney general William Barr put him in charge of the investigation into the way of acting of the senior officials who were in turn leading the investigation into the Russian plot.

Trump accused the FBI in 2016 of carrying out the investigation into his alleged relationship with Moscow as a “witch hunt” against him. Now, Sussmann has been accused of having “falsely” told Baker that he did not represent anyone when he met with him to deliver a series of documents that presented alleged evidence of links between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank.

However, Sussmann would have made such statements when representing an executive of a technology company, in addition to the Clinton campaign.


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