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They formally declare the Radio and Television Commission installed

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Mexico City, October 19, 2021

The media must be respected in order for them to fulfill their social function: Congressman Mendoza Acevedo

Legislators have to provide legal tools for the benefit of more plural and free radio and television, he pointed out.

When declaring the Radio and Television Commission formally installed, its president, deputy Luis Alberto Mendoza Acevedo (PAN), affirmed that the private, commercial, social, indigenous and public media must be respected and supported so that they fulfill their social function under principles of freedom of expression and the right to hearings.

“The public media should not be sounding boards or blind boxes of any government; private media should not be treated as enemies of the state, ”he stressed.

He called on the members of the legislative body to work beyond colors and political parties, “put on the shirt to support this fundamental sector for society, prioritizing informing, entertaining, disseminating and serving.”

He pointed out that legislators have to provide legal tools for the benefit of more plural and free radio and television. In this sense, he promised to legislate with plurality, listen to and help specialists, academia and those who work in the sector, because “the media are allies and not enemies.”

He said that “journalists in Mexico have suffered attacks of all kinds, in some cases, it is organized crime and, in another, from the public power. It is unfortunate that in Mexico it is more dangerous to be a journalist than a policeman, ”he added.

He stressed that during the health contingency the media did not rest, they became great allies, they did a tireless work to bring quality information to homes and provide certainty in the midst of chaos and fear. “We must recognize the work of communicators, journalists and those who work and make it possible for radio and television to exist.”

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Intervention of parliamentary groups

De Morena, Deputy Rosa Hernández Espejo pointed out that work must be done to promote public policies to safeguard the principles of freedom, inclusion and justice. He stressed the need to continue working in the search for the truth, not deliberately trying to influence public opinion. Today we live a wide freedom.

“Today, as never before, there is a freedom both for licensees and concessionaires, as well as for journalists, but we have to continue defending this constitutional precept. There is no repression, there is total freedom. Of course, there is no money from the public budget dumped and disguised as publicity to praise the ruler. “

For PAN, Felipe Fernando Macías Olvera said that from this Commission the priority is to guarantee freedom of expression that is in constant threat, that “we manage to block the constant attacks of censorship and guarantee the right to information that people have” .

He called on the Commission to be a trench to demand security measures for reporters, correspondents and news headlines in the performance of their professional work who see their physical integrity threatened for exercising freedom of expression. “We have to be very punctual in raising our voice in defense of them.”

For the PRI, Congresswoman Paloma Sánchez Ramos highlighted the importance of guaranteeing quality telecommunications and broadcasting services, high-tech connectivity, digital innovation, and the freedom to communicate and express oneself within a framework of competition and democracy. He called for solid and effective legislation for citizens.

He affirmed that “we have a historic opportunity to return to pending issues in the telecommunications sector, such as the introduction of the 5G system, the role of social networks as instruments of information and dissemination, and an“ even floor ”for the media, whose to act is always of responsibility, for the good of the public life of Mexico.

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Of the PVEM, the deputy Andrés Pintos Caballero said that the sector is going through a deep crisis due to over-regulation, due to advance consideration payments, one of the highest in the world; payment in kind of times of the State, fiscal and electoral; prohibition of commercialization of electoral advertising and of governments in electoral times.

In addition, unfair competition with all other media that are not over-regulated and with more than 260 illegal radio stations. He highlighted the need to guarantee that the management of broadcasting policy is the most beneficial for all Mexicans.

For MC, the deputy Ivonne Ortega Pacheco called to reflect on the great challenges in the radio and television industry, how to reform and modernize the legal framework with a social and avant-garde vision.

He proposed to overcome the lag and consolidate the progress of this strategic sector, by reviewing the costs of the radioelectric spectrum and broadband, strengthening indigenous and community media, legislating for the progressiveness of audience rights, and strengthening the concession system.

General business

Deputy Luis Alberto Mendoza Acevedo reported that next week a working table will be held with officials from the Federal Institute of Telecommunications to enrich the proposals regarding the budget, as well as meetings with experts and be better informed, in order to have better spending for the sector.

Text and Photo: Chamber of Deputies

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