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They discover a variant of COVID-19 more powerful than the delta

by drbyos

British researchers found in southern Africa a new, more lethal and contagious variant of COVID-19, it is the Botswana strain, which has 32 mutations and is more powerful than the delta variant.

Thus, in the midst of the fourth wave that hits several nations of the world, a new variant of COVID-19 was identified in three different countries, South Africa, Botswana and a case in Hong Kong of a person who had recently traveled to South Africa.

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The mutation profile is extremely high in this variant and is of concern due to its potential to evade antibodies that can fight the virus. In fact, experts fear that it may escape vaccines.

On the other hand, the delta variant, now the dominant worldwide, has 16 mutations, which are essentially “the virus’s bag of tricks” that allow it to adapt, become more communicable, escape vaccines, or become more lethal.

Finally, it is not known whether this new variant can overcome the delta domain.

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