They discover a key advantage of the 5: 2 diet over traditional diets

The diet 5: 2 has seen its popularity increased in the last decade and has transformed the eating pattern of thousands of people whose goal is to weightloss.

A new study carried out by researchers at Queen Mary University of London has identified another reason why some people may want to consider this diet over other approaches.

As the authors explain in the article published in PLOS One, this diet is An example of what is known as intermittent fasting for weight control, and consists of eating normally for five days a week and drastically reducing calorie intake the other two days.

It’s about the “First Randomized Evaluation of the 5: 2 Diet”, in which the team of researchers studied for a year 300 obese adults, each of which was randomly assigned to one of three different types of weight loss intervention, indicate it’s a statement.

While the findings show that long-term weight loss was similar for those who received a 5: 2 diet as standard weight management tips, those participants on the 5: 2 diet “had more likely to recommend this method to others or they were willing to continue with their diet, “the study authors argue.

According to the health psychologist Katie Myers Smith, from Queen Mary University of London, “we have been able to provide the first results on the effectiveness of a simple advice of the 5: 2 diet in a real-life setting. “

“We found that although the 5: 2 diet was not superior to traditional approaches in terms of weight loss, users preferred this approach because it was simpler and more attractive“, he points out.

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