They caught her! Networks exhibit Javier Lozano’s ex-girlfriend using photos from 2019 to ‘show off’ FRENA’s success – Sin Línea Mx

Yesterday there was a new march of the anti-AMLO association, called FRENA.

Between divisions and internal lawsuits, the famous demonstration called “The Great Awakening of Mexico” did not have the desired attendance. Despite the promotion in media and networks.
It turns out that in the face of the obvious failure, one of the promoters and defenders of the movement against López Obrador used old photos to condemn the federal government and ensure that the mobilization against the federal president had been a success.

Another fact that caught the attention of Internet users is that in the photographs he boasted, the one also related to Mexico Libre, is that the attendees did not wear face masks.

As expected, the users of the networks realized the ‘trick’ that Desirée Navarro tried, when using photos of past marches as current ones.
And they exhibited the attempted deception of Javier Lozano’s ex-girlfriend.

The FRENA division

Everyone knows that there is a fracture within the FRENA; Well, a week ago, Gilberto Lozano reported that the camp located in the zócalo would be withdrawn due to alleged threats from the government of Mexico City and the Federal Government.

However, the news was not well received by other supporters of the movement and they disobeyed the provisions of Lozano, and now they are in the zócalo of the capital and assure that they will withdraw until President López Obrador resigns.

Faced with the act of disobedience, the leader of the singular group said that those who did not follow his instructions were “infiltrators” from MORENA and were not “real FRENA.”

BRAKE does not reach the socket

Faced with the evident failure and fracture of FRENA. In networks, the anti-AMLO celebrated the new concentration, and accused that the government of the capital had denied them access to the zócalo.

However, these statements were denied by the capital government, who, through the Twitter account of the Interior Ministry, reported that it was false that they were prevented from entering the zócalo. What’s more, it became known that even a temple had been installed.

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