They capture a former candidate for the Magdalena Assembly with two other women with an arsenal of war

In the last hours, the Magdalena Police captured the former candidate for the Magdalena Departmental Assembly, Tania Patricia Coronel Goenaga, along with two other women, who were allegedly carrying a war arsenal.

The arrest of Colonel Goenaga, 48; Anllul Alicia Rivera Piñeres, 44 years old and Leslie López Arango, 33 years old, took place in the Troncal de Oriente, on the route between Río Ariguaní and Y de Ciénaga, specifically near the tollbooth located in Tucurinca, Zona Bananera municipality.

Coronel Goenaga is not only known in the political world of Magdalena for her aspirations to the Duma, but also because in several photographs she is observed with leaders of the department and of Santa Marta, among them the former mayor Rafael Martínez of Fuerza Ciudadana and the former Governor Luis Miguel ‘El Mello’ Cotes.

The three aforementioned women were mobilizing in a private van when they were caught carrying a significant amount of weapons and military supplies.

According to the Police, they found weapons, ammunition and garments for the exclusive use of the military forces in some sacks: 10 pistols of different brands, caliber 9 millimeters; 10 revolvers caliber 38 millimeters; 555 9- and 38-millimeter caliber cartridges and 182 garments for the exclusive use of military forces.

Those captured were left at the disposal of the Ciénaga Sectional Prosecutor’s Office, for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing and carrying firearms or ammunition.

“Once we learned of this fact, we had our institutional component of police intelligence and criminal investigation, in order to start investigations and follow-up activities to establish where and to whom the weapons that were found belonged to them. women, ”said Colonel Samir Pava Ávila, Magdalena Police Commander.

Colonel Pava Ávila added that they are also investigating whether the three women are related to some criminal and criminal acts registered in this department’s jurisdiction.

“We will continue to carry out this type of action hand in hand with all departmental authorities, to continue attacking criminal organizations with force and preserve the security and citizen coexistence of Magdalenens,” said the Magdalena Police Commander.


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