They betray me with the neighbor’s daughter.. A woman is crying out for help from her husband in Imbaba

They betray me with the neighbor’s daughter.. A woman is crying out for help from her husband in Imbaba

Tue 08/Aug/2023 – 03:50 AM

The Imbaba region of the Giza Governorate witnessed a woman’s distress from her husband’s assault on her and her children, after he stripped her of her clothes in front of the citizens on the street.

A woman seeking help from her husband’s tyranny in Imbaba

Sally said that she had been married for 9 years, explaining that her husband had been constantly beating her since he married her, saying: I married him 9 years ago and for all 9 years he beat me and berated me and his 3 children.

Sally indicated that one day she was arranging her bedroom in the house, and she found a “memory card” storage card in it and opened it to see the information inside, noting that she found on it many calls and audio recordings that combine her husband with one of the women who lives next to them, and they mention some details about their relationship. Illegal, saying: They betray me with my neighbor, and I have audio recordings of them, and they confess everything between them.

Sally confirmed that when she confronted her husband with his betrayal of her, he assaulted her with severe beating and slapping, causing her a penetrating wound to the head, and scattered bruises throughout the body, pointing out that when she tried to escape from him, he tore her clothes that she was wearing, saying: He hit me and shamed me in my face. I took 5 stitches, and when I came to run away from him, he cut off my clothes, and the neighbors rescued me from him and took me with them.

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Sally added that her husband kicked her out of her father’s house and took over the marital apartment that she inherited from her father, saying: Take my apartment, which is in my father’s house, and throw me and his children on the street.


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