“They are so posh that they call olives olives”

Who said that culture clashes could only happen in different countries? In recent months it has been fashionable on TikTok to see how different users explain what most impacts them about living away from home.

However, like @mazomayrit, you don’t have to go to the other side of the world to experience these changes. This young man has published a video in which he tells in detail the things that have surprised him the most about Barcelona as a Madrid resident.

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Charlotte Bishop

Culture shocks from Madrid to Barcelona

The schedules. “Here everything closes at least 1 or 2 hours earlier than in Madrid. What I’ve been doing wrong is the Metro schedule. That it normally closes at 00:00, is a p*** crime,” says the young man, who also He was surprised that the wagons appear from the left and that the stations that have already been passed light up.

The cultural shocks that he has experienced in Barcelona

@mazomayrit / TikTok

We continue with public transport. Another of the complaints tiktoker is that people do not let out before entering: “Nothing is respected. Here people arrive last and with all their c ***, enter first. I can’t with it.”

Linguistic clashes. Despite mastering Catalan relatively well, he has detected certain linguistic accents that have caught his attention: “That they say goodbye saying ‘goodbye’, that seems to me a very cute thing”, he begins listing.

“That the things of time call it ‘natural’. More than once I have asked for coffee with milk from time and they have been freaking out,” he says. Lastly, he also highlighted that they call olives ‘olivas’: “You know that I’m happy with everyone speaking in their local ways, but it sounds so posh to me that they call olives olives, which I’m very sorry, I can’t help it. It sounds so weird to me.”

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in numbers. The @mazomayrit video has more than 130,000 views, 8,600 ‘likes’ and more than 340 comments. Despite the fact that the young man has also highlighted positive aspects of Barcelona, ​​several users have refuted the issue of business hours and olives.

The controversial opinions of the young man have not left anyone indifferent (@mazomayrit / TikTok)

top comments. “Businessmen have the right to reconcile work with family life. Madrid’s economic liberalism seems abominable to me”

“I am from Aragon. Olive sounds bad or worse to me. Olive, fruit of the olive tree.”

“The strange thing is that they open things on Sundays”

“I’m shocked that all this shocks you hahaha we have it so normalized that we think that it is like that everywhere😳”

Via @mazomayrit

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