These young people attracted by sports professions

The Youth Information Office (Bij) of Chartres organized, on Wednesday afternoon, meetings for young people who wish to work in the world of sport.

They were able to discuss with Stéphanie Beaur, from the Departmental Service for Youth, Commitment and Sports, or even representatives of the sports cell of the City of Chartres, Pascal Cajéou, head of this service, and Mathieu Geslin, who follows an apprenticeship in professional certificate of youth, popular education and sport (BPJEPS).

Sports coach

Seven young people were registered to learn about training and opportunities in the sector. A very wide range of training, through apprenticeship or traditional courses, with state diplomas or professional certificates, in the private or public sector, in a training center or on a work-study program in clubs or associations… Everything a world to discover for the young people present.

Pascal Cajéou and Stéphanie Beaur indicate: “These are young people who are already interested in sport in general. We are present to explain to them the possibilities offered by the sports sector. These meetings will allow them to be informed as well as possible, we hope, so that they can choose their path as clearly as possible. »

Among these young people who came to discover the professions of sport, Guillaume Vilain, 17, from Chartres. “I have been doing sports for ten years, boxing and football. For three years, I have been supervising young people from 7 to 15 years old at Boxing Chartres, ”confides the young man, who is preparing a STMG baccalaureate (sciences and technologies of management and management) at the Lycée Fulbert. He adds: “I want to train through apprenticeship and obtain a BPJEPS. My goal is to become a sports coach in fitness activities, with a specialty in boxing dance. »

Valentin Boulard, 15, is also from Chartres: “I do a lot of sport, including four years of basketball at the Barjouville club in particular. I am a volunteer firefighter and I would like to become a sports coach or animator in the sports field. »


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