these hit series won’t come back, here’s why

these hit series won’t come back, here’s why

The writers’ strike in Hollywood is definitely impacting all programs, even those that we thought were spared. Indeed, Amazon has just confirmed the cancellation of several popular series, including the excellent show of SF Peripherals, the Worlds of Flynn. Heartbreaking for fans.

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As you may know, a strike on an unprecedented scale has been raging in the luxury aisles of Hollywood for several months now. For the first time since 1960, American actors and screenwriters have decided to join forces to protest against the stagnation of wages, without forgetting the end of residual rights. The unions at the head of this movement, namely the WGA (Writers Guild of America) and the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) are also demanding guarantees and safeguards against the rise of AI.

Difficult to prove them wrong, at a time when Netflix promises huge salaries to AI experts to replace actors… So far, negotiations between unions and streaming studios/platforms have yielded nothing. In other words, the strike is not about to end. Note that its effects are already being felt. Production on The Last of Us season 2 is on hold, while the arrival of Stranger Things season 5 could be severely delayed.

Delays have also affected major upcoming productions, such as Deadpool 3, Gladiator 2, Mission Impossible 8, not to mention the next parts of Avatar and many Marvel productions. Gold, the carnage does not stop there as revealed by our colleagues from the Variety site.

This superb SF series will not return to Prime Video

Indeed, Amazon has decided to put an end to the production of several popular series launched recently on Prime Video. Thus, the excellent science fiction series Peripherals, the Worlds of Flynn with Chloe Grace Morets won’t be back for a second season… A heartbreak for yours truly and for many fans who enjoyed this ambitious adaptation of the eponymous novel by William Gibson.

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Sad news, especially since Amazon had confirmed the renewal of the series in February 2023 after its public and critical success. According to a source from Variety, the decision to cancel the return of the series was strongly influenced by the strike, as production could not resume as it was until at least 2025. Note that the sympathetic series A team out of the ordinary is also sacrificed.

Source : Variety


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