These GNTM candidates were photographed for the “Playboy”

Updated May 20, 2020, 2:32 p.m.

After “Germany’s next top model” there was a special shoot for her: Some candidates of the ProSieben casting show were photographed for “Playboy” after their participation – even a winner is there.

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Simone Kowalksi

Simone Kowalski won the 14th season of “Germany’s next top model” in 2019. After that it became quiet about her. In 2020 she reported back with new pictures – in the German May edition of “Playboy”.

Your drive behind the revealing photos? “I want to express that you have to go through difficult times, even if you don’t always observe the desired backing,” said Kowalski in the magazine interview.

Micaela Schafer

Erotic asterisk and GNTM participant from 2006 Micaela Schäfer also made it onto the cover of “Playboy”, but not the German one.

Micaela Schafer graced the Czech edition of the magazine. In October 2019, the model proudly presented the result of the shoot on Instagram with photographer Jörg Otto from J.O.P. Berlin.

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Giuliana Farfalla

With Giuliana Farfalla, a trans woman graced the German cover of the famous men’s magazine for the first time. “‘Playboy’ asks me? Me? Of course that was a great honor,” said Farfalla talking to the magazine for the January 2018 issue. Shortly afterwards, the 2017 GNTM candidate moved to the RTL jungle camp.

Taynara Wolf

In 2016 Taynara Wolf fought for “Germany’s next Topmodel” for her photo on the cover of the German “Cosmopolitan”. In 2018, the then 21-year-old adorned another front page: She dropped all covers for the August issue of the men’s magazine.

“I never had a problem showing my body,” the former GNTM chick said in an interview with the men’s magazine.

Sarah Knappik

From “Germany’s next top model” (2008) to the jungle camp (2011), Sarah Knappik went to the container of “Celebrity Big Brother” in summer 2017. The same year came true Knappik a dream and graced the “Playboby” cover of the October issue.

Sara Kulka

Sara Kulka and Angelina Heger fought a jungle duel. Both candidates of the RTL show dropped the covers in the February 2015 issue.

Kulka had participated in GNTM in 2012 and finished fifth. In 2018, the mother of two used her “Playboy” cover to ask her Facebook fans a critical question: “For my ‘Playboy’ pictures I was celebrated and for my still pictures I am insulted, disgusting and perverse. So it is okay to be naked as long as there’s no child around? “

Gina-Lisa Lohfink

In addition to Sarah Knappik, platinum blonde Gina-Lisa Lohfink from the GNTM season of 2008 was particularly remembered. In 2010 there was a photo spread in the August edition of the German “Playboy” Lohfink to see which was taken by photographer Marco Glaviano on the beach in Sicily. Two years later she was also seen on the cover of the men’s magazine “Penthouse”.

Fiona Erdmann

Fiona Erdmann made a name for herself in season two as a GNTM bitch. In the May edition of “Playboy” she attracted attention in 2008 with pictures in which she posed in lacquer and leather.

When asked what Heidi Klum would say about the photos, Fiona Erdmann answered boldly at the time: “Maybe: ‘Shit, is she hotter than me?’ No, she will find it good. She always found it good that I am what I am and that I go my way. “(Yom)
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In 2019 Simone Kowalski (22) won the casting show Germany’s next top model – now she is accounting for the format! Model manager Günther Klum defends himself against the accusations! (Teaser picture: picture alliance / Eventpress)


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