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These are the winners of the data protection video competition 2021

by drbyos

Is there a vaccination for data protection? That is the topic of the data protection video competition 2021. Although the award-winning videos would not guarantee the cure of a vaccination for personal data, “but awareness leads to a competent handling of privacy,” said the data protection officer of the canton (DSB) Zurich . The jury made up of data protection officers and specialists from areas such as media education, film, video and television, as well as last year’s winning team, chose their favorites.


Christian Dietz, Nico Steinbach, Sarah Burri and Laurin Dietz took first place with their contribution “Sensibelle.ch”. The jury rewarded the video with the main prize of CHF 3,000 and described it as “successful, surprising and original”. It is unlike anything the jury members have seen in the competition so far. Nevertheless, the DSB cannot deny some criticism: From a theoretical point of view, the contribution is not a video, but a computer animation with interactive elements.

The winning video “Sensibelle.ch”. (Source: Youtube DSB)

“We are watching you”

Sarah-Louisa Roher also looked into the question of vaccinating for data. Your art video “We are watching you” took second place. It leaves many interpretations open. Media educator from the University of Education in Zurich Flurin Senn praised her approach and the skillful breaking of film rules, which emphasized the story even more.

“We are watching you” by Sarah-Lousia Rohner took second place. (Source: Youtube DSB)

“Stupidity of an Influencer”

In third place are Noemi Celine Engeli, Giada and Anjali with their contribution “Stupidity of an Influencer”. The Instagram video deals with the life of an influencer who reveals everything about herself – including, by mistake, her bank account details. The contribution is well adapted to the young target group and remains exciting until the end, says jury member and founder of the Momo festival for mobile films Andrea Holle.

The video was created during training for prospective businesspeople at the Weinfelden training center. (Source: Youtube DSB)

The award ceremony took place as part of the Digital Festival. The aim is to make young adults aware of how to handle personal data.

By the way: The canton of Zurich has had a new data protection officer since last year. Dominika Blonski succeeded Bruno Baeriswyl, who retired for reasons of age. You can read more about it here.

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