These are the tantrums that Clara Chía throws at Piqué in the middle of the street


The young woman would have no problem showing that she does not like something and that is why she would choose to throw “tantrums”.


In fact, the couple has been the target of strong criticism because many do not agree with their courtship, because it is conclusive proof of the infidelity of the former Spanish soccer player to Shakira, mother of his two children Milan and Sasha, a fact that fans of the artist from Barranquilla they do not forgive and that after a year they continue to reproach her.

However, despite the constant persecution by the press and the harsh comments they receive through social networks, The 24-year-old and Piqué no longer hide and, contrary to this, now they are seen more often in public, as happened recently in a restaurant in which, apparently, the ex-partner of the interpreter of Waka Waka he was sharing with some friends.

In the middle of the meeting, although many were hoping that their displays of affection would be the ones that would attract attention, it was not like that because Clara Chía’s gestures implied that she was apparently not having a good time and could even supposedly have thrown Piqué into a tantrum in public inside the establishment.

This hypothesis was established because the young woman’s behavior occurred out of nowhere while they were eating. According to those who captured the images of what happened, she began to make faces at the Spaniard with her mouth and this gave the impression that she was a tantrum.

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At her gestures, Gerard Piqué immediately turned and fixed his gaze on her as if he were asking her what is happening to you, but she continued with her grimaces and, until now, the reason for her reaction is completely unknown.

“Hahahaha you have to beg 😜😜”; “It was his turn to finish raising her”, These are the comments that some users have made when they see the photos of the alleged tantrum that Clara Chía would have thrown at Piqué in the restaurant.

It should be remembered that this would not be the first time that the young woman was discovered starring in a scene of such a level with her boyfriend, since in mid-November 2022 some images that reported a hostile behavior by the woman towards the athlete during a night out.

The scene took place while they were walking when, suddenly, the young woman had a problem with her stocking or shoe, so she stopped to take it off and, with an annoyed face making a sort of ‘pout’, she handed her bag to Piqué so he could take it with her. will load.

At that time there were those who assured that Clara Chía’s attitudes are proof that her relationship with the former soccer player is not going as well as at the beginning, because the pressure and criticism could be gradually affecting your courtship until you lose control or peace of mind at home.

As reported on the podcast Las Mamarazzisthe decision to go to therapy would have been made after having suffered an anxiety attack, a situation to which neither of them has referred because they have preferred to stay away from the press and thus be able to preserve their privacy.

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