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These are the road blocks in Cali this Friday

by drbyos

Junio 11, 2021 – 06:09 a. m.


Newsroom of El País

Within the framework of a new day of National Strike, which has already completed 45 days, in Cali this Friday the blockades continue in different sectors of the city.

According to the report from the Unified Command Post, despite the fact that the Public Force has lifted several blockades, in the city road closures persist in areas where there are protesters, while in others there are barricades that restrict vehicular traffic.

This is the report of the current state of the roads in Cali, delivered by the Ministry of Mobility at 6:10 am:



In the morning of this Friday there is no news of blockades in the sectors of Sameco, Menga and Paso del Comercio.


In the southern part of the city there are no new restrictions on vehicular traffic. On Calle 100 with races 13 and 16, as well as on Calle 5 with races 94 and 80, there are no road blocks.


There are no blockages in the sector; There are no road closures in the Portada al Mar area.


There is a presence of debris in the sectors of Calle 36 with Carrera 39, Puente de los Mil Días, Diamante, Calipso and Puerto Rellena.

There is a total blockade on Calle 70 with Carrea 7; in Juanchito there is no novelty of blockades.


This Friday there are no blockades in the Loma de la Cruz and La Luna sectors.

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According to the report of the Ministry of Mobility, there is no news of road closures at the exits to the Airport.

This Thursday the Transportation Terminal is not operating to Florida, Corinto and Miranda; transportation from Cali to Yumbo is limited to the main park.

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