There was a video of a BMW hitting three pedestrians in Kirov

The accident occurred on Friday morning in Kirov at the intersection of Lenin and Vorovskogo streets. According to a video posted on social media, Three people hit by BMW wheels, including a child.

Two elderly people, one of whom was walking with a cane, and a small child crossed the road at a controlled pedestrian crossing. At that moment, they were hit by a foreign car moving along the extreme right lane.

The 30-year-old BMW driver claims that pedestrians were moving at a red traffic light. However, the video recorder shows that the elderly and the child were finishing crossing the road and simply did not have time to do it while the “green” was on. At the same time, all cars in adjacent rows stood and waited for the pedestrians to complete their maneuver.

Earlier we wrote that in the Kirov region Man killed in ambulance accident.



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