there is the like of Emma Marrone

there is the like of Emma Marrone

Two videos posted in sequence by Belén. Rodriguez on Instagram suggest there is a betrayal of her husband Stefano De Martino at the basis of her umpteenth crisis. And Emma Marrone, ex of the conductor Rai, shows solidarity with Argentina with a like.

Two videos posted in sequence by Belén Rodriguez on Instagram suggest there is a betrayal behind the decision to interrupt (again!) the story with her husband Stephen DeMartino. The Argentinian presenter, coming out of Hyenas e You are worth it, posted an early video in which he looks straight into the camera while patting himself on the head. The next video, even published between the posts, instead shows a herd of deer exhibiting long and majestic antlers. The common denominator between the two films are, in fact, the horns, which Belén seems to be looking for on his head while she smiles amused in front of the lens. But if the footage of the deer remained online, the story of the pats was promptly removed by the showgirl. Not before making the rounds on the net.

Emma Marrone’s like

The post that Belén used to suggest that she was betrayed by Stefano De Martino was greeted by thousands of likes. One, in particular, has caught the general attention: that of Emma Brown. Emma, ​​a singer from Salento, has long been the ex-girlfriend of the Rai conductor. Their love story ended when Belén and Stefano fell in love behind the scenes of Amici. At the time, De Martino was still tied to Emma while Belén was still living the long love story with Fabrizio Corona. Done years apart, Emma and Stefano have found each other and, on several occasions, have shown that they have remained friends. Even with Belén the relationship has improved, so much so that it has turned into a mutual sympathy that, just recently, the two women have exhibited on TV and on social media.

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How was the post on the “horns” of Belén Rodriguez received

But Emma’s like is not the only one to have come from a famous person. Also Sabrina Ferilli he wanted to leave a trace of his passage on the sensational video posted by Belén. Among others, moreover, the likes of Giulia Salemi, Giulia Cavaglià of several other popular characters appear. For the moment, Belén has not added anything else to what has already been communicated via social media. In all likelihood, De Martino will clarify the reasons for the crisis with the interview granted to Francesca Fagnani for the new edition of Beasts. The conductor will be the first guest of the next season of the Rai2 format.


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