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In the midst of the health contingency caused by Covid-19, There are some famous people who are preparing to experience, for the first time, maternity from the confinement of their homes, tenderly and movingly sharing their gestation process with the public. Here we tell you about some of these future moms.

Katy Perry

The 35-year-old singer and her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, are preparing to be parents this year. With this baby, Katy will become a mother for the first time, while it will be the second occasion for the Hollywood heartthrob, who is already the father of a child resulting from his marriage to Miranda Kerr. The “American Idol” judge revealed her sweet wait at the release of the “Never Worn White” music video.

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Photo: Instagram

Sophie Turner

A couple of days ago the first photographs of the pregnancy of the protagonist of “Game of Thrones” arrived on the web walking through the city of Los Angeles with her husband Joe Jonas. The couple were married last year in July, just weeks after Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s surprising weddings.

joe jonas sophie turner
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Shanik Aspe

The 35-year-old host and singer will also fulfill her dream of being a mom with her husband Mauricio Odiardi, whom she married in 2016. Aspe has caused a sensation on Instagram for her tender and tiny baby bump.

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shanik aspe

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One of the famous Mexicans that caused astonishment for launching into motherhood as a single was Sherlyn, and it is that the actress tired of not finding the perfect partner, decided to fulfill her dream of being a mother thanks to a process that she carried out in a clinic In New York, the interpreter assured that she looked for the best candidate as a donor for her little one.

pregnant sherlyn

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Ana Girault

This year, the exreina of beauty and winner of Miss Mexico 2016, Ana Girault, and her husband Omer Cohen will bring to this world their first son as a result of their marriage, they married in two different ceremonies, one in Mexico and others in Israel, in July 2018.

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Chantal Torres

Mike Torruco’s wife, Chantal Torres, sister of Mexican designer Michelle Torres, recently announced that she is pregnant !, and that she is expecting a sweet girl. Since her condition was revealed, the fashion blogger continues to show her touching “pregnant belly.” Without a doubt, not only the Torres family is happy with the news, Chantal’s in-laws, the head of the Ministry of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués and his wife Gloria Garza, should be pleased with this wait.

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