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There are 6.04 million Venezuelan migrants

by drbyos
Venezuelan migrants
Photo: Metroecuador

The number of Venezuelan migrants rose to 6.04 million, according to the record shared this Thursday by the Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela.

The organization highlighted that 80% of these migrants have stayed in other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

According to the infographic shared by the platform, this means that of the 6.04 million Venezuelans who crossed the borders, 4.99 million remain in the region.

Colombia is the nation with the largest number of these migrants, with 1.84 million.

They are followed by Peru, with 1.29 million; Ecuador, with 508,900; Chile, with 448,100, and Brazil, with 261,400.

Similarly, 121,600 Venezuelans reside in Panama, 83,000 in Mexico, 29,900 in Costa Rica, 24,500 in Guyana, and 11,700 in Bolivia.


Meanwhile, the Caribbean countries that have received the highest number of Venezuelans are the Dominican Republic, with 115,300; Trinidad and Tobago, with 28,500; Aruba, with 17,000, and Curaçao, with 14,200.

The southern cone

Meanwhile, another 194,540 Venezuelans have reached the southern cone.

Argentina has received the majority of this migration, with 173,200 Venezuelans. Uruguay follows, with 15,700, and Paraguay. with 5,640.

The organization emphasized that the Venezuelan exodus it is still the second largest volume in the world.

Financing for Venezuelan migrants

Previously, the platform reported that it has received just over 45% of the resources it requests to help Venezuelan migrants.

“The Response Plan for Refugees and Migrants 2021 launched with the participation of 159 organizations, has received so far 45.1% of the 1,440 million dollars needed,” he said.

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