There are 46 cases of measles in Surabaya during 2022, mostly from the northern region


Throughout 2022, there are 46 children in Surabaya affected by measles. The Surabaya Health Service (Dinkes) said that the most sufferers were from the North Surabaya area.

“The last 46, but all have recovered since last December. The latest data is 2023, all have recovered. This is the case of North Surabaya, overflow from a neighboring island, because it was an outbreak in Madura,” Head of the Surabaya Health Office, Nanik Sukristina, told reporters at the City Hall, Wednesday (25/25). 1/2023).

Nanik said the measles case was quite high due to transmission. Therefore, when there is a suspicion, an epidemiological study is carried out immediately from the results of the sampling, whether measles or not.

“From yesterday’s suspects, 46 were positive. Measles has nothing to do with COVID-19,” he said.

The measles vaccination itself has already been carried out. Even the measles vaccination coverage in Surabaya exceeded the national target.

Implementation of BIAN by administering Measles Rubella (MR) immunization and completing incomplete immunization status to target children aged 9-59 months from August to October 2022 simultaneously. This is also an effort to prevent and increase herd immunity against the disease.

“The target (measles vaccine) is 95 percent more. The measles vaccine can be at the puskesmas. We are also active in the month of child immunization (BIAN). Vaccine ages 9 months to 59 months for BIAN, vaccine for measles up to 15 years,” he explained.

As for some of the symptoms of measles that parents should watch out for, namely:

1. Body fever over 38 degrees Celsius for 3 days or more, accompanied by one or more symptoms of cough, runny nose, red or watery eyes.

2. Reddish spots, rash, rash that starts behind the ear in the form of maculopapular for 3 days or more, a few days later (4-7 days) will spread throughout the body.

3. Typical signs (pathognomonic) found Koplik’s spot or grayish-white spot with a red base on the inside of the cheek (bucal mucosa)

4. Maculopapular reddish spots after 7-30 days will turn black (hyperpigmentation) and accompanied by scaly skin. For cases that have shown hyperpigmentation, it is necessary to do a thorough anamnesis, and if during the acute period (beginning of illness) there are the symptoms mentioned earlier, then the case is a suspected case of measles.

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