then the retaliation. Feud at the Roma camp in via Candoni

then the retaliation.  Feud at the Roma camp in via Candoni

Cross and delight of the information society. They are social networks, which have changed the lives of billions of users around the world. A video published on Tik Tok was the trigger for a feud that broke out within a Roma camp. Punitive expeditions, revenge, reprisals, beatings. The Carabinieri unraveled the problem, arresting five people, Bosnian men, aged between 26 and 40, domiciled in the slum of via Luigi Candoni, in Magliana Vecchia.

The report at the police station

The investigation was started in June this year, after one of those arrested today had filed complaints at the Ponte Galeria carabinieri station, for two phantom robberies that occurred on 1 June 2023. In particular, the man had said that during the first robbery several subjects had attacked him and his wife, stealing their jewelery and a bag containing around 3,000 euros. The second robbery occurred, on the same day but later, in the courtyard of his home, when a group of seven men attacked two of his children (one of whom suffered injuries, judged to be curable with a 41-day prognosis) and in occasion, the perpetrators had also removed a necklace from their daughter-in-law.

The police investigations

The investigation by the Carabinieri investigators, coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, made it possible to ascertain, through testimonies and the acquisition of video surveillance footage, that the two robberies had never occurred, gathering serious indications of guilt against the complainant regarding the fact that it was he who attacked and robbed one of the subjects, initially accused by him.

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The retaliation for the video on Tik Tok

After the first reported episode, the attacked man had organized an expedition to the other party’s home, hitting the family members present and damaging the cars. Following house searches, the police also found two baseball bats and an iron pipe, used during the punitive expedition. The investigations also made it possible to collect circumstantial elements that would lead the motive for the first attack to be based on trivial reasons and personal resentments, which arose following a video published on the social network TikTok by one of the suspects.

Five arrests at the Roma camp

Once the investigations were concluded, it was the carabinieri of the Ostia company, delegated by the public prosecutor’s office of Rome, who executed – on the morning of Wednesday 13 September – an application order for precautionary custody in prison, issued by the investigating judge at the court of Rome against five men, seriously suspected, for various reasons, of the crimes of aggravated personal injury, robbery, aggravated threat, slander, damage, home invasion and illegal possession of weapons and objects capable of offending.


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