Themed afternoons about breast cancer at the Vicki Brownhuis in Den Bosch

DEN BOSCH | The Vicki Brownhuis in Den Bosch is the first center for living with and after cancer to offer psychosocial support to adults and children, their families and relatives. In the various months of the year, the Vicki Brownhuis pays extra attention to different target groups. For example, in the month of October breast cancer is central.

October is known worldwide as Breast Cancer Month. On four successive Fridays, the Vicki Brownhuis presents a themed afternoon centered on breast cancer.

Breast cancer and Dan?

On Friday afternoon, October 7, the theme is ‘Breast cancer and Dan?’ central. The attendees will then discuss treatment and psychosocial support for breast cancer. Creative attention is also paid to the process: where do you come from, where are you now and where do you want to go.

You deserve the care that suits you

The following week, on Friday 14 October, the theme afternoon is ‘You deserve the care that suits you’. The guests will talk with experience expert Joke Sprij and oncologist Dr. Tineke Smilde, among others. Even now there is time for creativity ‘how do you make ends meet’.


On the penultimate Friday afternoon, on October 21, ‘Nutrition (and cancer)’ is central. Dietician and nutritionist Ellen Verspeek will then give an introduction to nutrition (and cancer), after which she will answer the questions asked earlier by the guests.

pampering day

The last theme afternoon on Friday 27 October is a real ‘Pampering Day’. The day starts with various relaxation activities such as: a facial massage, make-up and a hand massage. To spoil the inner man, there is a delicious ‘High Tea’. The day will be concluded with a mini session of singing bowls.

Sign Up

Do you belong to the target group and do you also want to participate in one or more themed afternoons? Check out the activities calendar at, or contact us by telephone on 073-6148550.

About the Vicki Brown House

In the Vicki Brownhuis, the guests are central. Hospitality, a listening ear, contact with fellow sufferers, information and relaxation are the most important success factors. The skilled volunteers play a prominent role in the work that the Vicki Brown House does. The center offers a safe environment. No appointment is necessary, the door is always open.


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