The Youtuber fell from the irons: he had an arsenal

The “Youtuber of the fierros”, a 44-year-old psychiatric patient diagnosed with schizophrenia, was detained by the Special Group for Federal Operations (GEOF) of the Argentine Federal Police, which obtained the collaboration of the United States Security Office. As shown on social media, the defendant had an impressive arsenal.

The suspect, identified with the acronym DAP, uploaded dozens of videos to his YouTube channel in which he showed his weapons and showed strange behavior: he blessed the war material, he dressed in clothing that appears to be typical of the Middle East and he expressed stories almost without sense.

“I will say these words of encouragement to all of you. The Sun said to the most powerful combatant of the Armies: I will make you the pharaoh of the universe and then, I will answer, answer with me, I will not. I will not be pharaoh of anything that you offer and then the Sun told me: for rejecting the fearsome blessing, I will expel you from the eternal tribe “, he commented in one of the posts. Also, a large number of syringes, which he said were filled with penicillin, were recorded sticking into his leg and he ate a tablet of another medication seconds later.

As a result of the disturbing images, an investigation was initiated by the Judicial Investigation Corps of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Argentine Federal Police, which also received collaboration from the United States Department of Security. In this way, after receiving the endorsement of the Justice, a search was carried out in the defendant’s house, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita, and the enormous arsenal was found: a .12-caliber Ithaca shotgun, a .12-caliber Legend shotgun. , two 32-caliber pistolons, a .9 caliber semi-automatic Bersa pistol, a .22 Bersa pistol, a 9-millimeter Glock, a .44 caliber revolver and a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic carbine. In addition, they seized ammunition, clothing from different police forces, electronic devices and even a copy of “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler. Another disturbing fact is that the former RENAR had granted him authorizations for the possession of weapons of war for collection although, when the agency was notified of the mental health of the accused, it revoked all the permits and encouraged him to return the weapons.


According to the sources consulted, DAP is an engineer, single, did not have many visits and had no relationship with the neighbors, although they noticed strange behavior. He worked at the Atucha Hydroelectric Power Plant until he was dismissed for his psychiatric folder.

The suspect, who was being constantly controlled and monitored five days ago until the raids were obtained, is being detained and charged with possession and stockpiling of weapons of war, ammunition and explosives, public intimidation and threats. The Fiscal Unit that is carrying out the case ordered a psychiatric examination in order to determine his level of responsibility.

Was it behind an organization?

One of the hypotheses of the investigators is that there may be something greater behind the suspect, identified as DAP Sources of the case say that the accused prowled the embassy areas in Palermo and Belgrano and pointed out that his weapons are not easy to obtain, therefore that it is suspected that he acquired them clandestinely in the Triple Frontier. In addition, the door of his home was armored with an expensive mechanism.

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