The YouTube group Let’s Feast is convicted of a crime – after the mistake in the video

Let’s Feast is a Swedish Youtube duo that today has over 360,000 subscribers. The group consists of the members Natacha Troncoso Velasquez, 36, and Cristian Alex Troncoso Velasquez, 31.

In their videos, Natacha and Christian let the followers follow various antics where they eat food, build things and go on adventures.

In one of their videos, the couple tested fishing with a metal detector at Hammarsbadet in Gamleby, Västervik municipality. It all took place on July 23, 2020.

The only problem is that you are not allowed to use a metal detector without a permit. Which the couple did not have during this particular occasion.

To News24 Cristian says that they are well aware that permission is needed – but that they did not have it in this particular place.

– Yes, that’s really true and we will release a video on our channel where we describe more exactly what happened and why, he says and continues:

– In short, I know that you need a permit as I have ten permits to look for in different places in Sweden, however, I did not have as good an idea of ​​how serious it was to drive without a permit.
It’s easy to be hindsight, if I had known that what I was doing was so serious, I would not have done it and absolutely not filmed and posted a video about it, really stupid, he says.

That was the punishment for Let’s Feast

But Cristian does not hang his lip but rather says that he learned a lesson. He further says that he will now have to pay a fine and that the couple sent some of the findings to the county administrative board.

– We were contacted by the police and had to go for questioning, I pleaded guilty but never with bad intent, all our findings we find that may be older than 1850, we have always sent to the county administrative board.

I was sentenced to a 30-day fine and have learned a lesson: if I do not have a permit, the machine stays at home, he concludes.


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