The Yandex neural network has learned to generate short videos in Masterpiece

The Yandex neural network has learned to generate short videos in Masterpiece

Yandex development team informed about expanding the capabilities of the Shedevroom mobile application and implementing the function of creating short videos using a generative neural network in the program. The company is said to be the first on the Russian market to offer this technology to a wide audience.

Animation source: Yandex

In order to generate a video in Masterpiece, it is enough to describe in text what you want to see. In response, the application will offer four options for the first frame and a set of animation effects to create movement. A total of seven effects are available: zoom (zoom), time-lapse (fast forward), flight, panorama, rotation, lift and morph (gradual change). The cascaded diffusion method is used to create future video frames. Using this technology, Masterroom generates individual images. First, the neural network creates images in accordance with the request, and then gradually increases their resolution, saturating them with details.

Masterpiece generates four seconds of video at 24 frames per second. Once published, they can be shared with friends or saved as MP4. At the moment, the function is working in testing mode and is available in the updated version of the application to active users of Masterpiece.

Yandex introduced Masterpiece for Android and iOS in April 2023. The program is based on a neural network containing 5 billion parameters and trained on 330 million examples of images with a text description. The developer plans to train the neural network with new knowledge and implement it in other services and products of the company.

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