The XXI Latin American Festival of the Una Voz Theater Monologue raises the curtain in Havanafama

The Havanafama theater company returns to the Miami billboards with the presentation of the Latin American Festival of the Single Voice Theater Monologue, which in its twenty-first edition will celebrate one more year of a historic trajectory that began in Los Angeles and has developed in the City of Sol with remarkable success for two decades.

The event will run from February 2 to 25 at the Intimate Theater of Havanafama under the direction of Juan Roca, its founder.

As is now traditional, the festival offers an ambitious panorama of stage works, conferences and workshops related to the ancient art of the stage, carried out by actors from the local and international scene.

“The organization of the XXI Latin American Monologue Festival has created the conditions for the public to experience a pleasant moment by delving into a varied, instructive, and top-quality theatrical entertainment,” director Juan Roca told el Nuevo Herald, after noting that in On this occasion, the festival will have as its sponsor the renowned director, singer and playwright Pedro Román.


February 2

Opening: Presentation of the plastic artist Tony Mendoza, creator of the festival poster. Presentation of the godfather Pedro Román. Performance by singer Marcelino Valdés (Free admission).

February 3 and 4

Sakuntala the Bad. Introduction to Philosophy.

Writes, directs and acts Daniel Fernández. An erudite review in a humorous tone of the evolution of human thought, from ancient Egypt to the present day, but in the sharp language of Sakuntala la Mala.

After Picasso, God. Author: Julie De Grandy.

Directed by: Mirla Pereira (also acts), Jacob Garces and Fiona Zhang. Pablo Picasso’s love for his partner Dora Maar drives him to madness.

Daniel Fernández will present ‘Sakuntala La Mala. Introduction to philosophy’.

February 10 and 11


Directs, writes and acts: Carlos Manuel Rivera. A Cuban arrives in Puerto Rico by raft and then decides to settle in New York.

monkey mind

Performs: Renato Campilongo. Write: Jorge Carrigan. Directed by: Yvette Kellems. monkey mind tells how after being abused he became an abuser. A story where human values ​​are based on power and revenge.

February 17 and 18

Madness cures him. Writes and acts: Saulo García. Directed by: Juan Carlos Talero.

The piece alludes to feelings and emotions common to all human beings, under the premise that “it is better to laugh than to regret.”

Angela del Salto will present 'The human voice'.

Angela del Salto will present ‘The human voice’.

February 24 and 25

An actor prepares. Author: Rolando DH Merelli. Stars: Raidel Csas: Directs: Marcia A. Henderson

Theater within the theater, a tribute to important playwrights through an actor who assumes a character that will mark him to the point of delirium.

the human voice. Author: Jean Cocteau. Acts: Angela del Salto. Directed by: Juan Roca.

Monologue written for Edith Piaf that stages the telephone conversation between two ex-lovers, although you can only hear the part of the woman who is alone on stage.

Special activities

Readings of works by Cuban playwright José Abreu Felippe in recognition of his contribution to the theater of exile: if one really died (February 9), followed by Temporary, disposable and biodegradable y Hostages (February 16th).

Symbolism and reality in the theater of Valle Inclán. Lecture by the playwright, actor and critic Daniel Fernández (February 8).

Juan Roca, director of the festival.

Juan Roca, director of the festival.

The dramaturgy of the actor: the scenic creation of the character. . . . Laboratory of acting dramaturgy Habey Would (February 13 and 15).

Presentation of the book by Luis de Paz Around the Theater in Miamiwhich includes part of the theatrical events between 1996 and 2003 (February 14).

Characterization make-up workshop depending on the work divine words of Valle Inclán by Professor Adela Prado (February 22).

The closing ceremony will take place on Saturday the 25th with the delivery of recognitions to all the artists and collaborators of the festival.

XXI Latin American Festival of the Una Voz Theater Monologue. From February 2 to 25 at 8 PM. Havanafama, 4227 SW 75 Ave. Admission will be free to workshops and conferences. For more information or reservations call 786-262-4014.

The festival poster was made by Tony Mendoza

The festival poster was made by Tony Mendoza


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