The world’s first bendable OLED TV, LG Flex price came out

The price of the world’s first bendable OLED TV ‘LG Flex’ unveiled at IFA 2022 was revealed.

It was confirmed that the release schedule and price of LG Flex were included in the press release distributed while LG Electronics participated in the CEDIA held in Dallas, Texas.

First, according to the press release, LG Electronics plans to start selling the LG Flex, the official name of the LG OLED Flex (model name: 42LX3QPUA), from next month, and the retail price is set at $2,999.99, which is actually $3,000.

This price is more than double the price of $1,399.99 from the factory price of LG Electronics’ 42-inch OLED TV, OLED42C2, launched in the North American market, and is 2.6 times higher than the discounted price of $1,149.99 currently on sale.

As soon as this news became known, some foreign media acknowledged the premium as the world’s first, but responded that it was rather expensive for its size, so the actual demand would not be much, but the domestic price is not expected to be much different.

Even if the price is lowered, it is expected that the price should be expected to be at least in the upper half of the 2 million won range.


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