The world faces the price of goods – the cost of living. smashed the highest record, Pol. pointed out 5 tumultuous factors

The world faces the price of goods – the cost of living. smashed the highest record, Pol. pointed out 5 tumultuous factors

News reports from the Ministry of Commerce indicate that Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Ordered the Director of the Overseas Trade Promotion Agency (Commercial Ambassador) around the world to monitor the situation of commodity prices and the cost of living. Including the import and export of goods, it was found that many countries encountered the situation of rising prices of goods and cost of living. Continuing from the past 1 year, the key markets reported by the commercial ambassadors are:

The United States found that the price of goods in December 2021 rose 7% compared to December 253, the highest increase in nearly 40 years. The price of energy products increased by an average of 29.3%, food increased by 6.3% and other products 5.5%, affecting restaurants, service businesses, apparel, furniture, etc.

The Canadian market was found to be facing the effects of continuing inflation problems. Signals that the cost of living in Canada has increased since the middle of 2021, with the latest inflation rate in November 2021 at 4.7. Since the beginning of 2022, retailers have gradually increased product prices. to reflect the real cost

The Kenyan market found that the cost of living in Kenya has risen about 30 percent from 2020, with prices for all key food items such as bread, vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables rising.
15-25% from the previous year

In the Israeli market, inflation continued to rise, with transport prices rising 3.4 percent, furnishings 7.8 percent, food excluding fruits and vegetables 2.8 percent, education 3.2 percent and housing 2.6 percent.

The Chilean market found that December 2021 inflation was at 7.2%, the highest figure in 13 years, with most commodity prices rising from a year ago. except apparel and footwear category
Taiwan’s market found that the consumer price index64 for the whole year rose 1.96%, the highest in 13 years, with December rising 2.62%, especially the cost of eating out, up 2.39%, the highest in 81 months. hot pot type and Chinese breakfasts increased by more than 4% for other categories. increase about 2-3%

The report from the Ministry of Commerce further stated that the factors affecting the rising price of goods were pressured by 1. The global supply chain crisis. There are delays and congestion throughout the supply chain. especially in the transport and logistics sectors, which are expected to continue to be a problem throughout this year. 2. Labor shortage 3. Raw material shortage especially semiconductors (semi-conductors), 4. shortage of consumer goods in the retail market, and 5. unusual weather conditions in many areas.

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