The Winterthur school year starts with record numbers

As the city of Winterthur reports, the twelve thousand mark has been broken. On August 21, 2022, 12,170 students start the new school year.


The new school year in Winterthur not only starts with a new organization of the school authorities, but also with extremely impressive numbers and many innovations. After the summer holidays, 1225 children have to pack their backpacks for the first time.

There are a total of 339 primary classes and 142 secondary classes in Winterthur. 1224 children go to kindergarten for the first time. For the total of 2494 kindergarten children, 127 kindergarten classes were formed, two of which are run as forest or natural kindergartens.

A total of 12,170 children and young people will go to school in one of the 622 classes in Winterthur after the summer holidays.

Intake classes and new locations

14 of the classes are so-called admission classes. Foreign-language children and refugees are admitted to these until they have sufficient knowledge of German to be admitted to one of the regular classes.

The reception classes are attended by children and young people from other countries. In the new school year, 3,946 children attend extra-school care, which is 11 percent more than in the previous year. As a result, the proportion of children cared for in the total of all kindergarten and primary school children continues to grow and is now 41.2 percent.

Most care facilities are growing in the existing premises. Room extensions are possible in some places. The Rychenberg and old fire brigade care facilities will have additional rooms in the same building, and a new care facility at the Talhofweg school in Wülflingen is planned for autumn.

A total of 198 young people attend a “Lunch Table Sek”. The Rosenau lunch table is operated in the community center at Töss station and that of the Feld school in the parish hall in Veltheim. Despite the growth, the proportion of secondary school students who attend a Sek lunch at least once a week is only 7.5 percent.

No shortage of teachers and a new school building

Despite a nationwide shortage of teachers, the teaching positions in the city of Winterthur could be filled, with the exception of a few small jobs.

The total of 1506 cantonal teachers are divided into 295 male and 1211 female specialists. In addition, there are 642 teachers employed by the city, who take on a function in the regular classes or work in one of the city schools.

With the move into the new replacement building for the Wallrüti secondary school, urgently needed school space for 28 classes can be made available in the fast-growing district of Oberwinterthur. In addition, the second wooden modular building on the Wülflingerstrasse school complex was ready to move into in the spring.

A rental solution was chosen for the two newest housing estates in Winterthur. A double kindergarten was opened in Vogelsang and a new extra-school care facility was recently opened in the Hobelwerk district.

ICT and new messenger service for schools

With the “eduwin” project, all stages receive uniform ICT equipment. In the spring of 2023, Winterthur’s schools will receive a new ICT infrastructure. The young people of the secondary school received their device in the summer of 2021.

The pedagogical ICT support is being expanded at the same time as the schools are being refurbished. As Curriculum 21 also includes “Media and Computer Science” in the kindergarten programme, the very young will also use devices in class in future, in an age-appropriate and playful way.

The city parliament approved the corresponding loan of CHF 4.5 million in February 2022. The planning and implementation work for this major project is in full swing. Starting in the new school year, schools can use the “SchoolFox” app for digital communication with parents.

Swimming lessons and professional preparation

The learning objectives for compulsory swimming lessons have been adjusted to the 2022/23 school year. The children now complete the water safety check at the end of the 3rd grade. This stands for the basic skills in the water and confirms to the parents whether or not their child can save itself to the edge or onto the bank after falling into the water.

The previous swimming badges are no longer issued. From the first day of school, August 22, 2022, online registration will be possible on the municipal website. With few exceptions, the courses start in the third week of school.

The «Profil.» vocational preparation school The new school year starts with 25 classes, 341 students and 56 teachers. Since the beginning of the Ukrainian refugee crisis, “Profil.” spontaneously admitted individual young people. In the meantime, a concept has been developed that further optimizes the admission and training of Ukrainian young people.

At the Mechatronik Schule Winterthur (MSW) the new school year begins with 177 apprentices, 12 of whom are young women. The professional fields of automation, electronics and polymechanics are offered. The polymechanics training offer was expanded in the areas of automation, robotics, “Industry 4.0” and 3D printing.

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