The Wheel of Time on Prime Video: this character has changed its face in season 2! – News Series

The Wheel of Time on Prime Video: this character has changed its face in season 2!  – News Series

Did you notice this change of actor in “The Wheel of Time” between season 1 and 2?

An important character from The Wheel of Time has changed face for season 2. Dónal Finn (already seen in The Witcher) has been chosen to play Mat Cauthon, replacing Barney Harris, who played the character in season 1.

This information, Deadline already delivered it in September 2021, two months before the launch of the series on Prime Video! The reasons for this redesign are unclear. The series, adapted from the books by Robert Jordan, required long and complex filming in the Czech Republic. And the filming of season 2, which began in July 2021 in Prague and ended in February 2022, was no exception to the rule.

The Wheel of Time, whose season 2 was renewed in May before the series launched, is set in a sprawling and epic world where magic exists and only certain women are allowed access to it. The series follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the incredibly powerful Aes Sedai women’s organization, upon her arrival in Deux Rivières.

Sony Pictures Television Inc. and Amazon Content Services LLC / Jan Thijs/Prime Video

Barney Harris on the left and Dónal Finn on the right

There she embarks on a dangerous journey around the world with five young men and women, one of whom is probably – as the prophecy has it – the Reincarnated Dragon, who will save or destroy humanity. Mat Cauthon is one of the five young people from Deux Rivières who, along with Moiraine, are considered the main characters in the books.

He voluntarily separates from the group at the end of season 1, suggesting that he is ready to walk down a path of darkness. When we find him in season 2, it is in the guise of Dónal Finn, and in bad shape, imprisoned by the ruthless Liandrin Guirale (Kate Fleetwood), an Aes Sedai of the Ajah Rouge.

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