The Wednesday market in Montauban, a convivial and gourmet moment live on France Bleu Occitanie

The Wednesday morning market takes place on Place Lalaque, between the station and the Old Bridge, one of the architectural emblems of Montauban. This market revolves around another monument of the city, the old bus station, which dates from 1935 and which was first a covered market, more recently a performance hall before becoming a gourmet space with foodtrucks.

This market brings together 90 traders in summer, around fifty in low season. It is divided into two parts, a food corner with local producers, protected by a covered hall, and an area with various shops.

Among the local producers, market gardeners, bakers, producers of the famous fruits of Tarn-et-Garonne, cheese producers or even winegrowers, such as Guillaume Veyrac from Belaygues Castle.

A few cuvées from Château de Belaygues. © Radio France
Lucas Treilhes behind his fruit and vegetable stall.
Lucas Treilhes behind his fruit and vegetable stall. © Radio France

In the second part of the market, various traders rub shoulders. There is a bazaar side, with ready-to-wear in particular, and another area with prepared dishes and products from the region, such as Green Berets, a stand that offers charcuterie from Aveyron.

Julien Estabes and his sausages.
Julien Estabes and his sausages. © Radio France

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