the weather forecast for this Saturday in Lorraine

Don’t be fooled by the clouds that will dominate the sky this Saturday morning. Even if rare showers will still be possible in our regions, the sky will gradually clear up at midday and should offer us an overall sunny weekend, without more bad weather. Only the Vosges and Moselle-Est will still be affected by possible rains on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday, the thermometer will climb to 19 ° C in Epinal and Pontarlier, 21 ° C in Nancy, Bar-le-Duc and Besançon, and 22 ° C in Metz.

The same temperatures are expected on Sunday, more or less: 22 ° C in Metz, Nancy and Epinal, 23 ° C in Belfort and Vesoul, 24 ° C in Besançon.

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