The wait is over! It is revealed what Daft Punk will do in the Zócalo of the CDMX

The wait is over!  It is revealed what Daft Punk will do in the Zócalo of the CDMX

The French duo Daft Punk caused a stir among their fans after a curious publication that they shared on their official accounts on April 4, as some Internet users speculated that it was about the return of celebrities to Mexico.

Although all kinds of theories arose on social networks, since some Internet users realized that, on Spotify, by copying the numbers that appear in the song “Fragments of Time”, which belongs to their album “Random Access Memories”, they were redirecting to the Zócalo Capital in Mexico City, the truth is that this May 11 will be a series of musical and immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences with the help of Snapchat.

Let’s remember that celebrities are celebrating 10 years since the release of “Random Access Memories”.

The first part consisted of finding the coordinates in the animations of Random Access Memories, on Spotify.

This Wednesday, May 10, 48 hours after the anniversary edition goes on sale, the theme “Horizon” will be revealed through Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Glasses.

Fans have to use the app’s camera to scan the album cover so they can listen to the single. Likewise, fans will be able to put on a glass helmet as a filter, while “Horizon” plays in the background.

For Thursday, May 11, at 10:00 a.m., fans will have to use their best skills to discover a treasure that the “French” hid in the Zócalo with the help of Augmented Reality, for this, you have to download Snapchat and activate location. Afterwards, they have to enter Daft Punk’s lens and follow the instructions.

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From the 11th to the 28th of this month, CDMX will show off some spectacular ones that will have a QR code that will direct the Snapchat camera to view the new glass helmet.

With information from Mariel López.

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