THE VISIT Trailer engl.

Michael Madsen’s film “This film documents an event that has never happened – man’s first encounter with intelligent life …


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  1. Please help me. I want to be free from this Matrix. I want my sovereignty. This is my free will choice. Please remove the bootie gig and cure me. I'm a 7th dimensional being and don't want to be programmed by AI. Please help! Thanks for your time.

  2. I find it pretty arrogant and narcissistic of this documentary and the people in it to believe the intelligent life would want to contact scientists or members of a government over the common people.

  3. I had the luck to see this presented by Vakoch himself at #AFO51. I have to say this was one of the best movies/documentaries I have ever seen. Cinematographically, philosophically, conceptually. Definitely in my top 10 ever.

  4. Smart, elegant, philosophical and insightful.. A must see.. This was a simulation/experimentation of what might be asked and discussed upon the visitation of an extra terrestrial life force.. -But in my opinion they're already here.

  5. Aliens will probably destroy this planet and us too because we are getting way too ahead of ourselves with our technology and our inability to keep weapons out of the hands of politicians and the military that only desire conquest and war.

  6. Saw this last night on pay per view, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!! . UTTER CRAP ! One of the worst docu-dramas I have ever seen and pray ET, never sees it, otherwise they will use our Planet as a Bowling Pin and a Moon sized Asteroid as a bowling ball. Seriously, disjointed weird scenes, with lots of Military Paranoid Dogma. Looks like it was made strictly as an Ego Trip for the so called intellectual Elite associated with the UN. KEEP THE UN AWAY FROM ET PLEASE!!! Has weirdos in it from Galveston to the Western States, to Central UN NUT_Quarters and let's not forget GREAT [HAHAHAHAHAHA] Britain, and features the Crapy Brit Tanks in some weird dream sequence confronting ET. There is also this Nut running around with a Bio Suit on, and Torch in his hand, like he is on some weird LSD Trip The basic premise is that YOU are ET being interrogated by these NUTS. I would go Marvin martian on their Asses SO FAST !! What a horrific waste of my time and money !!!

  7. Let's be honest. if a civilization that posses advanced technologies to travel across the galaxy wants to attack us, we stand no chance against them with our current technology. Whosever thinks we will win the war just like in our movies is mentally retarded.

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