The “virtuous” treatment of wastewater at the Grand Prado wastewater treatment plant

The Grand Prado wastewater treatment plant is coming to your school!

Built to treat wastewater from Saint-Denis and Sainte-Marie, it represents an integrated environmental project, from water purification to treatment materials that come from them in order to give them a second life. Operated by runéo until 2030, this factory that CINOR wanted to include in a circular economy approach, contributes to the economic and social development of the north of the island, while ensuring the preservation of natural resources.

For this 30th edition of the Fête de la Science, discover the brand new itinerant workshop of Sciences Réunion around the purification of wastewater and its treatment at the Grand Prado wastewater treatment plant!

First, the participants will familiarize themselves with the water cycle and its different stages.

In a second, place for immersion, where a replica (models) of the Grand Prado wastewater treatment plant will allow you to understand the different stages of wastewater treatment, but also how the materials resulting from the purification of the latter allow the production of new resources: industrial water, electricity and fertilizers.

To perfect the knowledge acquired, a quiz will be offered to the various participants and thus, water, its uses, its treatment will no longer hold any secrets for you!


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