The video game Fortnite will inaugurate a virtual museum

The video game Fortnite will inaugurate a virtual museum

A news for the less unusual. A virtual museum on the history of the Holocaust will open in the famous Fortnite video game. It was Luc Bernard, the inventor of the first educational game on the Holocaust, who announced it a few days ago on the social network X (formerly Twitter), declaring that Epic Games, the firm behind the game in 500 million players, had approved his project.

The developer had already made an impression at the beginning of the year, when he released his game “The Light in the Darkness” where we played a Jewish family living in Paris in the 1940s. A way for him to use the influence of video games which, reaching a large and young audience, could be a way of teaching this period of history, especially in many African and Asian countries which, being only slightly concerned , are less aware of the issue. With this virtual museum, Luc Bernard pushes his ambition further and hopes to reach a significant portion of the 80% of young Americans who have never been to a museum.

Fortnite for its part is far from being at its first attempt. In addition to the highly publicized virtual concerts of artists like Travis Scott, Marshmello or Aya Nakamura which brought together several million live players around the world, the Epic Games game had already launched a similar initiative two years ago, where you could participate in an interactive experience organized this time around the history of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. In any case, we hope that this type of innovative initiative will multiply in the future.

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