The unflappable Maidana: from Madrid to Ñúñez

On the court, he has the soul of a leader, of a warrior. He makes his rivals feel rigor, he goes to each crossing as if it were the last and from time to time the chain comes off, as in the match against Fluminense this year for the Copa Libertadores. But when he leaves the area, Jonatan Maidana automatically lower your profile.

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At 36 years old, the fierce defender even sounds shy when declaring, enjoy the peace of going fishing and at the party of River LFP champion had an attitude that did not catch the fans’ attention. While his teammates jumped madly, they dedicated songs to Boca and asked for the continuity of Marcelo GallardoHe observed everything from the side, sitting and very calm, as in the final post of Libertadores 2018.

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After the eternal victory against Boca, Maidana had starred in a similar situation. While the campus celebrated during a meal in Madrid, the central one was at a table as if it were a restaurant and Juanfer Quintero was in charge of patting him on the cheek to wake him up, thus achieving that he joined the party with some applause.

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Although this time Maidana hardly got up and was far from moving to the rhythm of the youngest of the squad, He managed to be the protagonist of one of the funniest moments in the SUM of the Monumental. As with Gallardo and Ponzio, the squad also asked the defender – he has not yet defined his future – let him stay at the club after a difficult 2021, in which he was away from the courts for a long time due to an extra large recovery after a tear in the anterior rectus of the left leg.

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Maidana enjoys fishing, one of her hobbies.

Maidana enjoys fishing, one of her hobbies.

“Rocho (that’s how they tell him on the campus) is from River, from River he does not leave,” was the ovation. And Joni, from her chair, made the classic gesture of “put the money”, which sparked laughter. But the situation did not end there. The squad, which knows Joni’s personality perfectly, gave him a standing ovation. Nevertheless, Maidana hardly moved from his wife’s side and his companions punished him: “Polleeera, polleeera.”

Despite everything, the Gladiator is unflappable from Madrid to Núñez …

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