The UAW begins strikes at three Midwest factories

The UAW begins strikes at three Midwest factories

“This is definitely a different approach, and Fine talks tough and has tough suggestions,” said Dennis Devaney, a former National Labor Relations Board member and labor lawyer in Detroit.

The affected factories include the GM plant in Wentzville, Missouri, which makes both the GMC Canyon and the Colorado, and the Stellantis complex in Toledo, Ohio, which makes the Jeep Gladiator and Jeep Wrangler. At Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, where the Bronco is built alongside the Ranger truck, only workers would leave the assembly area and paint shop, Mr. Fine said.

According to the union, the General Motors plant employs 3,600 hourly workers and the Stellantis plant employs 5,800. About 3,300 workers at a Ford assembly plant in Michigan were affected, the union said.

The union called for a 40 percent wage increase over the next four years, noting that compensation packages for the three companies’ CEOs had increased by that amount on average over the past four years.

Mr. Fine, who took office as union leader this year, has also called for cost-of-living adjustments that raise wages in response to inflation, reduce working hours, improve pensions and health care, and job security measures such as the Ability to work for employment. To target facilities scheduled for closure. In addition, he wants to make changes to the pay scale, which starts new employees at about $17 an hour and takes eight years to reach the UAW’s top wage of $32 an hour.

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