The tuktuk driver caught with a video of theft of a “water fountain” in Dakahlia

The security services managed to uncover the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip on Facebook, in which a tuk-tuk driver stole a “water fountain”.

The security follow-up monitored the circulation of a video clip on the social networking site “Facebook”, in which the driver of a “Tuk Tuk” vehicle drank water from a “water path” and seized it afterwards.

Through examination and investigation, the driver of the tuk-tuk was identified, and it was found that he (residing in Bandar Talkha, Dakahlia Governorate).

After legalizing the procedures, he was targeted, and he could be seized while driving a “tuk-tuk” vehicle (without metal plates).

Confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and after the aforementioned video clip spread, he returned the “water path” to its place for fear of being exposed.

By summoning the owner of the water fountain, he supported the same content, and legal measures were taken.


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