The truth about the cat in the blender video

The truth about the cat in the blender video

Sunday 07/May/2023 – 01:49 PM

The video of the cat in the mixer sparked widespread controversy on social media, as a video clip of a cat inside a mixer spread a few days ago, and its owner turns on the mixer, so that the cat screams in pain and blood spreads in the mixer.

The video of the cat in the mixer received widespread criticism around the world, as social media users demanded access to the owner of the video and bring him to justice, and the video clip also spread on Tik Tok, YouTube and Facebook, despite the existence of strict community guidelines regarding sensitive materials, and many website activists questioned Communicate about the truth of the video and its fabrication or not.

In the interest of Cairo 24 to provide the latest news, information, and facts of interest to citizens, we will present to you the following the truth about the video of the cat in the mixer, according to the opinions of foreign websites and social media activists.

The truth about the cat in the blender video

And about the truth about the video of the cat in the mixer, the Indian website diffudle, which is interested in technology and entertainment news, stated that the video clip was fabricated by a smart program, and the site justified the fabrication of the video of the cat in the mixer, that at the end of the clip you will hear the sound of the cat without any effect.

And the site continued, that the video is old, dating back to previous years, and that the video is widely spread on social media, although these sites have strict community guidelines against sensitive scenes.

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Facebook users’ reactions to the cat in the blender video

On the other hand, social media activists ruled out the fabrication of the video, as a large number of Facebook activists shared a video clip of the cat in the mixer, attacking the torture and killing of the cat in the mixer, demanding speedy access to the truth of the matter, and bringing its owner to justice, as one of the accounts wrote: “Group Why is it true that every day an incident is worse and more horrible than the one before it? How does the spirit of a powerless animal make light of how a woman tortures a cat in a blender, and how a child abuses his mother to the point that she makes him drink and eat him, and how a groom kills his wife after two days And how can a father kill his children, wife, and mother-in-law, and how can a mother accuse her daughter and son of their honor?

A Facebook user’s comment on the cat’s video

Another video of the cat in the blender appears

A short time ago, another video of the same person appeared on Twitter, holding the cat’s ear with “pliers” and removing it from the blender, amidst a sharp meow scream, and out of keenness from Cairo 24 to support us in combating violence against animals, we did not publish that video.

Screenshot from the new video

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