The Terminator covid: this is how people are hyperimmune to the coronavirus

LThe pandemic has placed new words in our lives: confinement, vaccines, complete regimen, accumulated incidence… Now, when the variant micron raises the numbers of infections, a new expression appears: the Terminator covid. This expression defines people with an unusual resistance to contagion by coronavirus.

The 1984 film, directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, presents a war in which humanity fights against virtually indestructible machines. Many have taken advantage of the script of the popular feature film to establish a parallelism with

This part of the population with hyperinmunidad It has, until now, successfully come out of scenarios and contexts in which becoming infected would have been the most common, such as family and friends gatherings during the Christmas holidays. This condition has drawn the attention of world health authorities, who are carrying out studies to find out the reasons for this protection.

From the ICU after not wanting to be vaccinated: “There are no words to say what a denier is”

joint international investigation

In fact, many agencies are conducting an internationally coordinated trial. It is led by Dr. Jean-Laurent Casanova, from the Rockefeller University of New York, and the Infanta Leonor University Hospital participate in it A dozen countries participate in this joint investigation.

The Dr. Jess Troya, from the Infanta Sofa Hospital, considers that the explanation for this hyperimmunity is a genetic issue. Specifically, related to the way in which the coronavirus enters human cells. In the case of Terminator covid, these would present an insurmountable wall for the pathogen and no infection would occur.

“Knowing these genetic determinants could help explain not only why some Covid-19 patients develop severe disease, but also suggest possible lines of action against the virus,” commented the specialist.


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