The team that lost money due to the non-transfer of Mbappé to Real Madrid

AS Bondy, the club in which Mbappé was formed, would have entered two million euros



The PSG stopped entering many million euros for not transferring to Mbappé to Real Madrid. But the Parisian club was not the only one that stopped depositing money. The other was AS Bondy, the club in which Mbappé was formed.

As revealed by L’Equipe, AS Bondy would have pocketed up to two million euros if the operation had been closed at 180 million euros. A few million that AS Bondy will no longer receive. Mbappé You can renew with PSG or sign an agreement with Real Madrid from January, when you are free to negotiate with the clubs you want without PSG’s permission. Whatever it does, AS Bondy will run out of the millions from the transfer.

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