“The team defended well and held the game.”

After the fall by the minimum account against Everton, the coach of the University of Chile, Esteban Valencia, appreciated the effort of his managers and assured that the squad has to be able to reverse the present evil of the lay cast.

The coach of Universidad de Chile, Esteban Valencia, assured that the early expulsion of Camilo Moya ended up being decisive in the Blue 1-0 defeat to Everton, in Viña del Mar, and highlighted the effort of their managers when playing with numerical inferiority.

At a press conference, the ‘Egg’ declared that “we must start from the analysis that we start with a very unfortunate situation. Once the game started, we were left with one man less and the team had to overcome it ”.

“The game based on wear and tear and effort became increasingly difficult. I think the team defended well and held the game. It is very difficult to make an analysis when within the planning you are never thinking of staying with one less player ”, he added.

Along the same lines, the strategist of the collegiate cast said that “we know that fighting with eleven is difficult because of what the rivals propose and today playing with one less man based on the effort made by the team is remarkable, but this is measured by results”.

After adding four straight games without winning, with three defeats and a draw, the former midfielder pointed out that “at this club it is something that complicates anyone. We have to be able to lift this. We all have to be very brave and generous thinking that this can be reversed“.

In the standings, the ‘U’ has gone from fighting for the lead to now jeopardizing the option of qualifying for international tournaments. After the result, was in sixth place with 34 units, one spot above the last team that is capturing a ticket to the Copa Sudamericana.


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