The Talas police department launched an investigation based on a video that was circulated on social networks

The Talas police department launched an investigation based on a video that was circulated on social networks

The Department of Internal Affairs of the Talas region launched an investigation into the fact of the video, which was distributed on social networks after the riots at the kok-boru tournament in Osh on August 31. On September 1, Kloop was informed by the press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate.

The police said that the residents involved in the incident will be punished within the law.

Earlier, a video with four allegedly beaten residents of the Osh region was circulated on social networks. In the video, they are forced to apologize for with conflict blue wolf.

On August 31, in honor of the 32nd anniversary of the independence of Kyrgyzstan, a kok-boru tournament was held in the Osh region, in the final of which the team from Talas “Yntymak” beat the team from Osh “Dostuk” with a score of 2: 1.

After the tournament, some fans, dissatisfied with the results of the game, ran out to the stadium and started throw stones at the judge. At the Ministry of Health to the journalists of Azattyk reportedthat as a result of the riots, about 100 people sought medical help. One of the victims was a police officer, his condition is assessed as stable.

The resulting mess then commented Head of the State Committee for National Security Kamchybek Tashiev. He noted that anyone involved in the disorder will be punished within the law. Tashiev called for reconciliation and not to succumb to provocations.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recalled that in connection with the incident, everyone who distributes provocative messages on social networks that provoke inter-regional hostility will be held accountable under the law.

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On September 1, Osh police detained 25 people involved in the riot.

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