the surprising video from Moscow to denounce “hatred towards Russians”

In this video of less than two minutes, Russia uses the image of a “Siberian husky”, turned away from a party for dogs because of its origin, to illustrate anti-Russian hatred.

This is a surprising video to say the least. The sequence, which lasts less than two minutes, was shared on social networks by the Russian Embassy in France and the Russian mission to Unesco to warn against the spread of “hate towards Russians”, thanks to. .. dogs.

The clip begins in a house, with several people joking around and playing board games. All have a dog. A man, also accompanied by a dog, then rings the doorbell. We understand that this is a meeting of canine owners.

The latter introduces “Sandy”, who is a “Siberian husky”. An origin that displeases the other guests: “A Siberian husky? And you’re there with him? Sorry, you’re not welcome here,” explains the young woman who opened the door.

Canine solidarity

Visibly dejected, Sandy’s owner leaves the scene. Faced with the situation, the other dogs “mobilize” and go look for the husky, under the warning cries of their owner: “He is dangerous! He is Russian”.

Seeing the dogs gather around Sandy, the guests then change their attitude, and welcome Sandy and his master. The video ends with the tagline: “Borders are in the minds of humans. Stop spreading hate towards Russians.”

Since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on February 24, Russia has denied targeting civilians and claims to be waging a war against Ukrainian “nationalists”.


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