The Sultan of Dubai Doesn’t Buy Carelessly, the Rafale F4 Purchased by the UAE Secretly Has This Sophisticated Ability On November 3, 2021, the United Arab Emirates (UEA) has signed a purchase contract fighter jet Dassault Rafale F4 variant as many as 80 units.

Reported from that the contract value for the sale of the H225M Caracal and Rafale helicopters is 17 billion euros (Rp 279.4 trillion).

Apparently UEA which is also often nicknamed the state of the sultans has long glanced at Rafale French.

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Quoted from The Drive, the Emirati’s interest in the Rafale dates back to at least 2009.

French will now toast its success, while potential orders for up to 50 stealth fighters F-35 artificial AS, whose transfer was proposed under the previous Trump administration, remains in limbo.

In addition to the large number of jets involved in the latest deal, the United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defense (UAF & AD) will also be the first export recipients of the F4-standard Rafale.

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This announcement isn’t the best news for Lockheed Martin, which is hoping to get orders from UEA for fighter jet F-35 made, with the potential for sales still under uncertainty alias PHP hit until now.



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