The Suicide Squad: Polka Dot Man’s Incredible Makeup Process Revealed

After revealing who the real villain of The Suicide Squad to his eyes, James Gunn also revealed the identity of Task Force X’s most powerful anti-hero. And for the filmmaker, there is no doubt: it is Polka Dot Man, capable of projecting stickers on his enemies. If it sounds funny or ridiculous at first glance, its colorful circles can wreak havoc. As a reminder, this protagonist suffers from an illness from a young age, and he is forced to expel the peas which swarm from his body twice a day, unless he uses them as projectiles. On screen, we must admit that the special effects were totally convincing, but it is above all in terms of make-up that the production teams have done so! James Gunn reveals the incredible and complex physical preparation process of David Dastmalchian in Polka Dot Man.

As the director of The Suicide Squad, several changes have been made since these first tests carried out on the actor. David Dastmalchian wore several prostheses on his face, illustrating his boiling pea disease. We imagine that the teams had a good laugh while working on the makeup of Polka Dot Man, an anti-hero who undergoes a pea shoot when he is seized with anxiety. However, James Gunn specifies that he prefers “laugh with David rather than laugh at him”. He also thanks the actor for his incredible personality, as a friend and as a collaborator. Always in the unusual news of The Suicide Squad, find out what are the powers of Weasel the Weasel!


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