“The stretching woman suddenly turned into a cow”… Seoul Milk Apologizes Over ‘Women’s Disrespect’ Controversy

picture explanation[사진출처 = 유튜브 영상 캡처]

Seoul Milk posted an apology for the controversy over ‘advertising video comparing female cows’.

Seoul Milk opened a pop-up window on its website on the 8th with the title ‘I am sorry for the YouTube advertisement of organic milk’.

In an apology letter, Seoul Milk wrote, “We sincerely apologize to those who may have been inconvenienced by the milk advertisement video uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Seoul Milk on the 29th of last month.” Seoul Milk continued, “We are taking this matter seriously internally, and we will pay more attention and review to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.”

He also said, “I once again bow my head and apologize to all consumers who were inconvenienced by the advertisement.”

[사진출처 = 서울우유 홈페이지]

picture explanation[사진출처 = 서울우유 홈페이지]

Earlier, on the 29th of last month, Seoul Milk uploaded an advertisement video that compared women to cows on YouTube, but after netizens criticized it, it was made private on the 8th.

Seoul Milk posted on its official YouTube channel, ‘Their identities hidden in the veil…? In an advertisement video titled ‘Seoul Milk Organic Milk’, a male explorer wanders through the mountains. And there’s a narration that says, ‘We finally managed to capture their image in a place that preserves the pristine cleanliness of nature’.

It also emphasizes that women and men in white only pursued clean water and an eco-friendly diet.

And the people in white are each stretching on the green grass. But when they hear the hidden camera man pretending to be popular, they suddenly turn into cows.

The advertisement ends with the words ‘Clean water, organic feed, 100% pure Seoul milk, organic milk from an organic farm in a pleasant clean nature’ and a man drinking milk.

After the video was released, there was a lot of criticism on Twitter and online communities for comparing women to cows.

It was also pointed out that an explorer secretly filming a woman in the forest is reminiscent of a ‘hidden camera crime’.

About 1,700 comments on this video were posted before it was made private, and most of it pointed out advertisements such as “It’s disgusting”, “How can you post this kind of advertisement”, “It’s a really problematic advertisement, such as secretly filming scenes and women’s posture” am.

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