The strangest Oktoberfest memory? Band member reports unforgettable camping experience

The strangest Oktoberfest memory?  Band member reports unforgettable camping experience
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The clock is ticking, Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in the world, begins next Saturday. Our newspaper asked Heinz Fuhrmann, trumpeter of the Oktoberfest band Münchner Zwietracht, for his tip: What will be the Oktoberfest hit in 2023?

Icking/Munich – It will be tapped in a few days: it starts on Saturday (September 16th). Meadows. This year, the most famous Oktoberfest band in the world, at least according to their own statements, the Münchner Zwietracht, will be there again. Band founding member and trumpeter Karl-Heinz (Heinzi) Fuhrmann from Icking had a short time for an interview despite a busy schedule.

What will be the Oktoberfest hit in 2023? That’s what the trumpeter from a well-known Oktoberfest band says

Mr. Fuhrmann, on a scale of one to ten: How excited are you for the Oktoberfest?

Definitely twelve! We are very happy that we can play music in the Fischer Vroni every day from 7 p.m. this year.

ZHow many times will you play at the Oktoberfest this year?

The 25th time.

Based on your many years of experience: What will be the Oktoberfest hit in 2023?

This year, no song has convinced me of the alleged Oktoberfest hits. You can’t make an Oktoberfest hit that happens, so let’s be surprised!

Member of Oktoberfest band reports on stage experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger

To what extent do you think that the corona pandemic will still have an impact on the Oktoberfest season this year?

I think the pandemic is over. It will have no influence on the Oktoberfest time. But anyone who is at risk should still be careful.

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A Bavarian band: The members of the Munich Discord around Ickinger Heinz Fuhrmann (left) © Private

You have also been traveling with the Munich Discord outside the Bavarian capital as “Wiesn ambassadors”. How often have you traveled abroad? What were your furthest journeys?

Since the beginning of the Munich discord, we have traveled internationally a lot. The furthest journeys were the USA, Mexico and South Korea.

Now that traveling has become uncomplicated again: Are you booked at other Oktoberfest events (including abroad) after the Munich Oktoberfest?

There are no trips abroad planned this year. Of course we are very well booked across Germany until the beginning of November.

What happened so far? Your strangest experience at Oktoberfest?

Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage was a special experience and the realization that he is a completely normal guy. Thumbs up!

What do you want for the 188th Oktoberfest in 2023?

A successful but above all a healthy and peaceful Oktoberfest.

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