The story of the 30th episode of Smart Lover’s finale spoiler Li Jiaxin once again hit behind the scenes! 501 Abao looking for true love | Plot

Summary of the previous episode: The owner is blind, Abao feels guilty

Biao Ji took A Bao to the hospital to visit Jia Lian, who was blind, but was not found by Duo Sister. A Bao is running out of time, pretending to go to Thailand with Jia Lian in order to leave good memories. Abao asks Duo to let her do the last thing for Jia Lian and fails, and suddenly loses control to deal with Duo. The Gu family and Biaoji looked for A Bao everywhere; A Bao was later chased by the police and a large number of citizens, but stayed behind to rescue a dog.

“Smart Lover” hilariously revisited “Thailand”:

I just want to go to Thailand to spend two days at ease. I don’t want to fly to Thailand… I just have to know people.

The 30th episode of “Smart Lover”, the Ali virus finally reaches the upper limit and it stops itself!

Jiang Zhiguang persuaded A Bao, who was wearing a wedding dress, to go to see Jia Lian for the last time. A Bao knew that the virus index had reached the upper limit, so he asked Jia Lian to approve her self-destruction. Seeing A Bao disintegrating his hands and feet in front of him, he said that he was sad. Tearing up! Jia Lian can only say “sure”…

Jia Lian lived alone for seven years with the memory of Abao, but finally he couldn’t forget and found a substitute with the same hairstyle… (Image source: TVB)

Seven years later, Abao mass produced 501 “Amnesia Factory” errors again

Seven years later, someone in Australia found a letter in a bottle. After reading it, it was discovered that it was a sweet memory between A Bao and Jia Lian, which provided an opportunity to “resurrect” A Bao! At the request of many users, Singularity decided to mass-produce 500 Ali. Sister Duo specially ordered the 501st Abao for Jialian. Unfortunately, because of another mistake during the factory, Abao, who has the memory of Jialian, did not start. Just leave the factory, Jia Lian can only find his Abao in the crowd…

Smart Lover Finale
Mass production of 501 Abao! Only one has the memory of Jialian! (Image source: mytvsuper)
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