The story behind JLo’s song hint for A Rod

Many artists write songs to their ex or their partners as an act of love, or claim, as the case may be, for example, to JLo They wrote a song for her taking as inspiration nothing more and nothing less than her boyfriend at that time, the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

It turns out that the composer Andrés Castro recently revealed how one of JLo’s successes emerged in Spanish music, “The ring” and who was the hint of the engagement ring for, the theme was totally inspired by her relationship with the athlete Alex Rodríguez with whom she was dating at that time.

According to Andrés Castro, at that time JLo was very in love with A Rod and the composers used elements such as the number of the athlete’s baseball jersey, in the creative process, the name and the characteristic phrase of the song also emerged “And the ring for when.”

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“We started studying what was happening with her boyfriend, someone from the team asked her if she would like to talk about the situation, she said yes. She arrived and sat alone, she did not say anything about the song but began to dance and dance ”, said the composer before JLo’s first reaction to the song.

It was the president of Sony who asked her if she liked the subject, she said she loved it “I remember that she called her boyfriend and he was surprised and said ‘wow, how many coincidences’, she told him ‘is for you”, The Colombian composer tells the anecdote, shortly after A Rod gave JLo the engagement ring.

Nevertheless the story would not have a happy endingAfter some infidelities on the part of the former baseball player, A Rod and JLo, they decided to end their relationship arguing that they functioned better as friends and not as a couple, some time later, Jennifer López would resume a relationship with an old love.

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Today the “Diva of the Bronx” lives happily and in love with Ben Affleck, the man who managed to conquer her again after 13 of being separated, they spent Thanksgiving together and it is said that there could be a wedding soon, because their love is going from strength to strength.

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